Claud’s Group Riding Tips #3 – Pace lines

Another Mega tip for bunch riding

A pace line ride has two lead riders

  1. The one on the left is the Moderator
  2. The one on the right is the Paceman

The left Moderator should always be slightly behind the right lead PacemanPaceline

This means that when taking off from the traffic lights the left Moderator will move off slightly slower than the lead Paceman on the right.

The Moderator forces the left line to DROP BACK from the right Pace line

The Paceman regulates the agreed speed.

There should be no acceleration necessary for the Paceman to overtake the Moderator and move to the left line to become the next Moderator

So on a Cycle 4 Sam Saturday Ride the Moderator is dropping back to 30kph and the Paceman is holding 35kph

The Rule

  • The Left pace line DROPS BACK
  • The Right pace line HOLDS PACE SPEED

And so the right pace line rotates to the left moderated line in a continuous cycle.




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