Claud’s Bunch Riding Tips #2 – Cycling Fitness Disease

Cycling Fitness Disease: A byproduct of quality training and time on the bike

The symptoms are:

  • Not understanding why others can’t keep up when taking turns
  • Not understanding why they are so slow off the lights
  • Not understanding why can’t they get through a round about quicker
  • Not understanding why they missed the lights when you got through

OK you’re in a 35kph ride but your only doing 39kph what’s the problem?
It’s a 35kph ride but no one is coming through – it’s just a head wind

I was listening to Triple J recently and heard about a study that was done about bum wiping. It was discovered that there were two groups with two different techniques. Neither group could understand the other group’s technique…


Ride as one.

Look after the other rider.

It’s not a race or a game of domination.

Cater for all abilities.

The disease passes when you lose your fitness so Keep the Beast inside.


Saturday Ride


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