Charity Rides – giving something back to the community

Having recently completed Cycle 4 Sam 6 and helped a number of Mega Bikers get ready for other charity rides got me thinking about the number of fundraising rides out there and what we’re achieving by doing them.  Many people have also asked me why we’re involved in Cycle 4 Sam, hence this blog.

If you have anything to do with cycling, you’ll at least be aware of the number of charity rides around – 1000kms for Kids, Pedal Against Poverty, Cycle 4 Sam, Ride for a Reason, Beat Cancer Tour, JDRF One Ride just to name a few that Mega Bikers have been involved with.  No matter what cause you’re into, there’s a ride for you.  As fundraising gets tougher and tougher we just seem to have more events.

But why do people, and more specifically we, do it?

At Mega Bike in 2007 we were looking for an opportunity for our cycling community to give something back to the wider community.  Claud wanted to fundraise for kids because they don’t have a political voice and thought that supporting the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation would be a good way to go.  We approached the Foundation who suggested we get in touch with Cycle 4 Sam Founders Marty and Michelle Roberts and get involved that way.  Great idea!

Cycle 4 Sam is a bi-annual fundraising ride which works to support the Paediatric Palliative Care Service at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide, read more about Cycle 4 Sam here.  Marty & Michelle work closely with hospital staff to ensure that the money donated (over $600 000 since 2006) provides the greatest benefit to sick kids and their families.  The first major project was the construction of the Sam Roberts Family Care Room which allows families to be together as a family in the hospital while a sick child receives essential treatment.  The Sam Roberts Family Fund has also funded an Art Therapist to work with sick kids and their siblings, various activities to support the parents of sick kids and very soon the construction of a house which will allow families with sick kids to take a holiday while still receiving that essential medical support.

I was volunteered to ride in Cycle 4 Sam 2 in October 2008 and we’ve been involved in every ride since.  In addition to the fundraising that surrounds the bi-annual rides Claud decided to make our group rides gold coin donation rides so we now pass a Cycle 4 Sam fundraising tin around at the start of every ride and the support is astounding.  The generosity of the Mega Bike cycling community has contributed over $5800 to the Sam Roberts Family Fund over the 3 years that we’ve been collecting.

Back to the all important reason of why we do it… In a nutshell, fundraising rides allow us to support others while doing something that we love.  Keep up the good work!



One thought on “Charity Rides – giving something back to the community

  1. Great article Roxanne.
    Congratulations to you and the team on your successful Cycle4Sam ride 2016. Awesome effort.

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