What to do before you ride (pre-ride checks)

Before you head out on every ride you really need to check that your trusty steed is up-to-scratch and worthy of your trust.  Below is a list of things you should get into the habit of checking before every ride:


  • are they tightly attached to your shoes?
  • are they positioned correctly?
  • are they serviceable (i.e. no broken bits and you can cleat and uncleat without difficulty)?


  • are they clear of obstructions?
  • are they firmly attached to your bike?


  • are your tyres at the correct pressure? If you don’t know what it is, check the tyre sidewall.
  • are they free of debris which could cause punctures?
  • are they serviceable? – i.e. no bare patches in the rubber, not too many nicks, no slices in the sidewall


  • is the quick release closed?
  • do they work properly?
  • is the wheel centred correctly so the brakes aren’t rubbing or on all the time?
  • is there still meat on the brake pads so they will actually do their job of stopping you?


  • are quick releases closed?
  • are skewers tight?
  • are all spokes attached to the rim?

Derailleur hangerHanger

  • is it straight?

If it’s not then you probably shouldn’t be riding until it has been straightened.  Derailleur hangers are designed to bend or brake to take the force of an impact so that you don’t destroy your frame, they can generally be straightened if bent.  Worst case scenario you may need a new hanger but this is still a much cheaper alternative than breaking your derailleur or rear wheel because you didn’t check this.

Finally, check the tightness of handlebars, saddle, brake levers, stem and headset just to be sure that you don’t run into any surprises on your ride.

If you need help with any of these checks or don’t understand them contact us and we’ll help you out.

The Mega Bike Team


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