Cycle 4 Sam 2014 Day 3

Day 3 – Walker Flat – Sedan Hill – Angaston – Mengler’s Hill – Walker Flat (182.3 km)


Today’s Highlights – spectacular scenery, climbing Mengler’s Hill, Sedan Hill (ascent & descent), and a stack more personal bestsIMAG1006_BURST002

Today’s Lowlights – four more punctures, a couple of close calls and a jammed chain

Teamwork was most definitely the order of the day with tremendous efforts by all of the riders to keep everyone going.  As always, the support crew was on hand for backup and to provide moral support until the end of the ride and beyond.

Some stats for today:

  • 3184 calories burned
  • 24.42 km/h average speed
  • 1672 metres climbed

Unfortunately it was my bike which experienced the jammed chain so I missed the final 50kms, however, thanks to some more of that fabulous teamwork all is well and we’re ready to roll out again tomorrow.


IMAG1001  IMAG1009


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