Cycle 4 Sam 2014 Day 1

Day 1 – Renmark – Loxton – Kingston on Murray – Monash – Renmark (140 km)

The day started with the traditional balloon release with a pause for reflection to remember Sam Roberts and families currently dealing with life limiting illnesses. After a few photos and a media opportunity it was time to get down to the work in hand and head off to Lyrup and the ferry. The Stage 1 nerves were evident but unlike the Tour de France, there were no crashes.


Highlights of the day – 7 punctures (mostly caused by 3 corner jacks), some very polite drivers, Johnny Pops almost losing the crown jewels due to an ill-advised bunny hop and a number of riders surpassing their previous longest rides.

143 km travelled, apparently, although I wouldn’t know as I stupidly didn’t delete the history from my Magellan before starting the ride so I didn’t quite record the whole ride. A glorious day with a bit of wind in various places and a loop that took in Lyrup, Loxton, Monash and back to Renmark for laksa, massages and then a spit roasted lamb.

The legs have been well-tended and we’re all ready to don our kit and do it all again tomorrow.IMAG0980



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